Beneficiaries of the “Accessible Books” action

Beneficiary students of the Library’s accessibility services are mainly the eligible users of AMELib services, ie the print-dsabled students. The form-disability as a term refers to article 2 of Law 4672/2020 “every person with vision problems, which can not be improved, so that the person acquires visual function substantially equivalent to that of a person without such disability, and can not read forms with the same substantial ease as a person without such a problem; without such a disability, (dd) a person who is unable, due to physical disability, to hold or handle a book or to focus or move his gaze to a degree that would normally be sufficient for him to be able to read.” .

Beneficiary document-disabled users have access to the entire AMELib collection, regardless of their origin.

User registration in AMELib

Beneficiary users register with their application in AMELib, are certified after having submitted the relevant opinions from a competent public service (Disability Certification Centers). For students with learning difficulties (dyslexia), the opinions that are accepted are from the Educational Counseling Centers (KESY). The responsibility for the correctness of the opinion lies solely with the respondents. For students with access to higher education with 5%, the file is checked through their Secretariats from their initial registration, in order to certify the disability form. The Secretaries of the Departments with the help or without the nursing of the institutions inform the Library Management in writing about the student’s right to register in AMELib. Regarding the admission to Higher Education, persons suffering from serious diseases are in accordance with the provisions of No. 35 of Law 3794/2009, as amended by paragraph 24 of Article 39 of Law 4186/2013 and par. 2 of article six of Law 4218/2013, with article 7 of Law 4283/2014, with paragraph 1 of article 13 of Law 4452/2017, with article 108 of Law 4547/2018 as well as with no. Φ.153 / 146145 / Α5 / 20-09-2019, are invited to address one of the Special Seven-Member Committees, which have been set up in specific Public or University Hospitals, in order to obtain a Certificate of disease diagnosis).

If there are students who have not been admitted to higher education with 5% or other staff of the Institution who are users of the Library, it is possible to register at AMELib, after submitting to their secretariat or service a relevant opinion from a Disability Certification Center. During their registration, they are informed about the copyright protection legislation as well as about the penalties imposed for the violation of the property and moral rights of the author. Their passwords are issued after they have accepted the terms in their initial registration statement. Users who violate copyright law lose access to the AMELib collection and are subject to legal penalties for doing so.

Today the beneficiary students through the accessibility services of AMELib are 50 individuals, 23 men and 27 women.

AMELib participants per sex

In addition to the disabled, the Library has registered students with other disabilities who, according to its operating regulations, have a number of priorities and distance services.