Despina Papadopoulou
Professor, Scientific Resposnible

Despina Papadopoulou is the President of the Department of Social Policy and Professor of Sociology. She was born in Thessaloniki and studied Law at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (1982-1986). She completed her postgraduate studies in social sciences with a specialization in Sociology, Ecole Normale Supérieure (ENS) and Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales (EHESS) in 1988-1989. She received her PhD in 1994 from the Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales in Paris. Since 2017 she is a Professor at the Department of Social Policy of Panteion University in the field "Sociology of Exclusion and Change". She has published many books and articles in Greek and foreign scientific journals, has edited collective volumes, and has carried out 18 research projects under her scientific responsibility, 5 of which are European. She is also scientifically responsible for the institutional program for the "Support of Social Welfare Interventions of students of Panteion University".

Anna Gkiati
Psychologist MSc

Graduate of the Department of Psychology of Panteion University. Holder of a master's degree in "Organizational and Financial Psychology".

Since 2011 she has been working as a psychologist providing counseling, psychological support and psycho-educational services to people from socially vulnerable groups. She collaborated with the Community Center of the Municipality of Zografou, supporting unemployed people, parents of single-parent families, people living on the edge of poverty. She worked at the Special High School of Ilion, supporting students with disabilities and mobility disabilities. She has participated in the Addicts Care Network on KETHEA Evolution Street, providing harm reduction services to active users at the Special Center for Immediate Access and the Streetwork Program. She worked at the Second Chance School of Korydallos Prison and at the Reception and Solidarity Center of the Municipality of Athens, providing services to the guests of the Homeless Hostel and participating in Streetwork programs.

Since October 2018, she has been working in the Counseling and Psychological Support Service of Panteion University, providing support services to female students and recent graduates.

Georgia Grammatikou
Librarian, MSc (Education, Digital Applications, Archives)

Graduate librarian with work experience in different types of libraries in Greece and England and holds a Master's Degree in Information Science from UCL, London UK.

High specialization in Cataloging-Metadata, Database Management, E-Publishing, Web-design, Research, Planning, development and teaching of information education courses as well as curation of cultural exhibition presentation, Development and implementation of policies and budget. Proven ability to manage and supervise staff and teams.

Athanasios Ballis
IT Support Specialist

Graduate of the Department of Computer Engineering and Informatics and holder of a postgraduate diploma in Life Sciences Informatics.

He has worked in the Research & Development department of an Academic Library and in Education as a Technician and Developer, and in the Management of co-financed Projects as a Project Manager.

IT Support Specialist
Elvira Bogiatzi

Graduate of the Department of Archives /Librarianship of the Ionian University, with postgraduate studies in Cultural Informatics in the field of Museology from the University of the Aegean.

She has collaborated as a librarian / archivist but also as a museum educator with private and public bodies. Collaborator since 2009 with the Library and Information Center of Panteion University in various projects, member of the Accessibility team for the editing of accessible books and head of the volunteer group of students of the University.

Agripina Spiropoulou
Administrative Support

Graduate of Panteion University of Social & Political Sciences, Department of Sociology. She has worked as an administrator in the Association of Civil Engineers for several years.

Since 2018, she has been working at Panteion University through the Program "Support for Social Welfare Interventions for Panteion students". The main responsibility of this job includes the administrative - secretarial support of the Program, as well as the daily support of the operation of the Counseling & Psychological Support Service.