The Accessibility team of Panteion University in the context of providing services to students with disabilities has since 2018 developed the Voluntary team AMElib students of Panteion University, which emerged from the interest and solidarity of students to their fellow students.

The volunteers staff groups of trainees under the coordination of the specialized staff of the library for the development of actions for the editing of academic books of Panteion University or for reading texts aloud in order to be accessible for the disabled users under the activities of the Library. under the auspices of the Association of Greek Academic Libraries (S.E.A.B.).

The texts are reproduced in accordance with Law 4672/2020 for disabled persons and any further reproduction, in another form, or their dissemination constitutes an infringement of the intellectual property right and will incur the sanctions of articles 65 next of law 2121/1993 (article 7 paragraph 3 ΥΠΠΟ / ΔΙΟΙΚ / 98546).

After completing the relevant application and accepting the restrictions on copyright, the volunteers participate in training seminars in order to obtain the necessary knowledge to make the academic textbooks accessible.

The work offered by the volunteers in the Accessibility service is remote and is determined by the availability and the time that everyone wants and can allocate.

The result of the work of the whole team is extremely important, as the Accessibility Service of the University manages to serve a much larger number of requests for conversion of academic textbooks of the beneficiary students.

With teamwork and the criterion of the need to remove barriers to free and equal access to Higher Education, the volunteer team has implemented, in parallel, training seminars, promotional videos and has compiled guides.

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Watch the informative video for the Volunteer Team

Panteion University Volunteer Team AMELib

Volunteer training seminar on text recording.

Audio books – Natural voice recording – Online seminar