The New Program of the Act “Support of social welfare interventions of students of Panteion University” is structured in two categories of actions and interventions that correspond to two service sectors of Panteion University:

A. Enhancement of the Library’s accessible books service

B. Establishment of a Counseling and Psychological Support service

The New Program certifies the upgrading of existing actions, but also the creation of new ones with the ultimate goal of supporting and empowering students belonging to vulnerable social groups and supporting all our students for the timely and smooth completion of studies their. Two new actions have been added to the New Program:

C. Administrative Support of the Program at separate levels of both Psychological Support and the Library

D. Publicity Actions of the Program by creating seminars, workshops and international conferences for which you will be informed in a timely and detailed manner.

With the New Program, Panteion University will be able to finance the actions until November 2022.