Beneficiaries of the Program are students of all levels (undergraduate, postgraduate, PhD candidates) and recent graduates with an emphasis on individuals belonging to socially vulnerable groups.

At the end of the sessions, the counselors evaluated their experience from the individual counseling meetings:

It was something I had never tried before and it was a great support in a very difficult and intense period. I realized some things more about myself and reconciled more with some negative aspects of life, which can not be avoided. Whatever comes into our lives does not signal the end of the world and that we must give the greatest value to our relationship with ourselves.

First year student in Department of Psychology

Since I did not have a specific goal at the beginning of the sessions, I consider that the process exceeded my expectations at every level. There was excellent cooperation, understanding, full support, excellent communication and above all efficiency and professionalism. I was greatly relieved of both phobias and anxiety, while being given the opportunity to reconnect with myself on a deeper level. I set my priorities more easily, I have learned to take my time and distance myself from situations that are a source of stress. The main thing is that I managed to accept myself to a significant degree for what he is. I consider the Program extremely successful, based solely on my own experience. Ideally, I believe that it should be permanently included in the intervention programs of the University. This is because on the one hand it is functional, on the other hand because the multilevel support of the students from the University itself is necessary.

Four-year student in Department of Sociology

I would describe my overall experience as satisfactory. What benefited me most was the communication I had. Through the discussion I managed to talk about issues that I could not analyze and feel calm. I do not feel as intense melancholy as I did before. Through the discussions I was able to look at issues that concerned me, from a different perspective.

First year student in Department of Sociology

It helped me to solve some very basic issues that I was facing as well as to improve my self-esteem. To make decisions more easily in my life. Relationships with my family improved, I claimed some things for my career.

Graduate of the Department of Sociology

The meetings were quite helpful and enlightening for understanding personal issues. They benefited me because I managed to give more effort both academically and personally. My daily life has changed in terms of self-confidence and understanding of dealing with stressful situations.

Graduate of the Department of Social Anthropology

Very helpful in my self-improvement, I changed habits & behaviors that tormented me until I started counseling. I gained confidence and learned to deal more calmly with situations & crises. I made important and beneficial decisions for myself. Everything was very satisfactory.

Graduate of the Department of Media Communication & Culture

My experience was very good. There has been an improvement in cultivating the knowledge that my problems are not unique, nor unreal since there are people who can help you, if you allow them of course. I was able to externalize my personal concerns in an environment of understanding and confidentiality. Sense of communication, renunciation of loneliness.

Graduate of the Department of Social Policy

It helped me a lot. What benefited me most was to demand more self-esteem. I learned to manage my emotions better.

Four-year student in the Department of Social Policy

Βοηθήθηκα πολύ σε μια δύσκολη περίοδο για εμένα με σεβασμό, υποστήριξη, ασφάλεια. Ήταν σημαντική η στήριξη που ένιωσα.

Graduate of the Department of Public Administration