The operation of the service includes the organization of Seminars on topics such as: stress and dealing with it, the development of the claim, the importance of self-confidence, the decision-making process, etc. The aim of the seminars is to inform and educate the students on three issues that they face during their studies, the empowerment of skills important for their mental health, the good adaptation in the University, the strengthening of learning process, improving academic performance, supporting the educational and professional decision-making process, and personal development and self-improvement.

In the period between 26/11/2018 to 30/03/2021 the following seminars were held – experiential workshops for life or online, in collaboration with the Liaison Office, which had a total of 153 participants:

  1. Communication and claim [26/11/2018]
  2. Stress & time management [17/12/2018]
  3. Developing Emotional Intelligence [21/1/2019]
  4. Personal development: how is self-confidence and self-esteem built? [4/3/2019]
  5. Let’s talk about lying honestly [1/4/2019]
  6. Writing a CV and preparing for the interview [8/4/2019]
  7. Self-efficacy and stress management in stressful situations [20/5/2019]
  8. Motivation and achievement of goals [21/10/2019]
  9. Self-Esteem and Confidence [9/12/2019]
  10. Self-efficacy and stress management [27/1/2020]
  11. Motivation and achievement of goals – Online meeting [30/03/2021]