Guidelines for creating accessible educational materials

The AMELib Accessibility Service of Panteion University, with the aim of informing the academic community, has drafted guidelines for the creation of accessible educational material. This specific guide (in Greek) is addressed to faculty members but also to University services that produce educational material, with the aim of making the production of this material accessible to students with disabilities.

28th Panhellenic Conference of Academic Libraries

In the framework of the 28th Panhellenic Conference of Academic Libraries, held in Corfu on October 19 – 21, 2022, a member of the project team (Ms. Elvira Boyatzi) as well as the Director of the Panteion University Library, Ms. Constantia Kakali, participated with presentations, in the seminar on: “Alternative ways of reading for visually impaired people: the case of visually impaired readers” on Thursday, October 20, 2022.

28th Panhellenic Congress of Academic Libraries in Corfu, October 19-21, 2022
Participants of the Congress
Participants of the Congress

4th Municipal Libraries Workshop

In the framework of the program “Supporting Social Care Interventions for Panteion University Students“, the Library’s accessibility team presented in the 4th Municipal Libraries Workshop (22-24 September 2022) the article entitled “Libraries for everyone: AMELib services for visually impaired users” with the aim of informing the community about accessibility issues, the operation of AMELib, the service of students with disabilities at Panteion University and at the same time the filing of future goals and collaborations.

Presentation by Mrs K. Kakali
Vikelea Library of Heraklion Municipality

Accessibility Training Seminars

On the occasion of the 27th Panhellenic Conference of Academic Libraries were held by the Accessibility Team of S.E.A.B. educational seminars on accessible academic textbooks. The seminar cycle started on November 3, 2021 and ended on February 2, 2022 and included 10 online seminars.

The accessibility team of Panteion University participated with the following educational modules:

  • DOCX: instructions (1.0) editing accessible documents docx (2 parts) [in Greek]
  • Instructions (1.0) for producing DAISY BOOK [in Greek]

Accessibility Seminars for AMELib of SEAB (

27th Panhellenic Conference of Academic Libraries

The Accessibility Service of the Library of Panteion University participated in the educational unit of the 27th Panhellenic Conference of Academic Libraries organized by the LIC of the University of Patras on October 22-29, 2021 on “Amelib: academic books and their production”

From the educational unit, the accessibility team of the Library of Panteion made the introductory presentation by Ms. Kakali, Director of the Library with the following topic:

And Ms. Elvira Bogiatzi, Librarian and collaborator of the accessibility team on:

For further information visit the following link:

EDUCATIONAL UNITS – 27th Panehellenic Conference of Academic Libraries (